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Borosilicate Cellular Glass Block

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Borosilicate Cellular Glass Block(GI-180)

Specifications of GI-180

Main composition Borosilicate glass
Color Black
Trade Mark GI-180
Package 60 ea/box (38mm), 44ea/box (51mm)
Size(mm) 152 X 229 X 38, 50

Physical, thermal properties of GI-180

Items Contents (wt%) Remarks
Density(Kg/m3) 198 ± 10% ASTM C 303
Compressive strength(N/mm2) Min. 1.4 ASTM C 165
Bending strength(N/mm2) Min. 0.7 ASTM C 203
Water absorption(%) Max. 0.19 ASTM C 240
Water transmission None ASTM C 240
Thermal expansion coefficient(10-7/℃) Max. 55 ASTM C 208
Heat conductivity(W/m·K), @24℃ Max. 0.075 ASTM C 518
Sevice temperature(℃) -240 ~ 350

Feature of Product

  • High acidity-tolerance due to the manufacture material of borosilicate glass except HF
  • Independent porous structure which does not allow any solution to penetrate
  • Excellent insulating property
  • Excellent physical(compression strength), chemical durability
  • Excellent adhesion to various structures(carbon &stainless steels, concrete, FRP other organic linings)
  • Excellent thermal property

    [Construction of GI-180 lining system]