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Adhesive Membrane 200

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Adhesive Membrane (GInsulation-200)

Specifications of Glnsulation-200

Main composition Urethan base system
Color(Mixed) Black
Trade Mark Glnsulation-200
Package Resin 17 Kg
Hardener 0.5 Kg
Amount of Consumption(Kg/m2) 6.5 Block 1.5" × 6" × 9"
7 Block 2" × 6" × 9"

Physical properties of Glnsulation-200

Items Contents (wt%) Remarks
Tensile Strength (N/mm2), 74 ℉ Min. 1.5 ASTM D 412
Elongation (%), 74 ℉ Min. 150 ASTM D 412
Bond Strength (N/mm2), 74 ℉ Min. 1.2 ASTM D 4541
Shear Strength (N/mm2), 74℉,
Tensile Compressive
Min. 0.55
Min. 0.42
ASTM C 273
Modulus of Elasticity at 100% Elongation (N/mm2) Min. 0.42 ASTM D 412
Service Temp(℃) Directly exposed
Behind GI-180 Block
- 30 ~ 180℃
- 30 ~ 200℃
ASTM C 518
Pot Life(approximately) @ 70℉ (21℃) 60 to 70 min.

Usage of product

  • GI-180 glass block adhesive(For concrete or fire-proof blocks structures)
  • Corrosion-resistant coating for metal sheets
  • Can be used for chemical-proof purpose as well as for linings with elasticity by only using adhesive. But cannot be used where there are oil or organic solvent substances.

Feature of Product

GInsulation-200 adhesive has excellent elasticity, wear-resistance, water-proofing, chemical resistance, heat-tolerance, impact resistance, endurance and mechanical features; it gives excellent adhesion with those adhered. This product takes the role of the adhesive for GI-180 block as well as the role of barrier which prevents moistures and chemical from penetrating into the fundamental structures. Main component is urethane asphalt of acid-proof material which provides elasticity between the walls and blocks to have them stable under severe temperature changes, and also works as a barrier to inhibit moisture or chemicals from coming into the fundamental structures. This adhesive allows the system to work stably by mitigating the heat or structural stress that might occur between the fundamental structures and GI-180 blocks.

  • Excellent adhesion with concrete, carbon, alloys, FRP and other organic materials
  • Excellent abrasion-resistance
  • Used for connecting hairline cracks which occurs frequently on concrete structures using its elongation/elasticity
  • Excellent physical(compression strength), chemical durability
  • It has acid-proof property to adequate acidic chemicals or acidic solutions and also has salt-proof property against salt water.
  • Maintains elasticity at 30℃ below zero

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