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Epoxy Primer

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Epoxy Primer (GInsulation-181)

Specifications of Glnsulation-181

Main composition Epoxy Primer
Color(Mixed) Amber
Trade Mark Glnsulation-181
Package Resin 4 Kg
Hardener 1.6 Kg
Consumption (Kg/m2) Nomal High viscosity
Concrete 0.20 0.3
Steel 0.15 0.25

Physical properties of Glnsulation-181

Items Contents (wt%) Remarks
Solids Content By Weight 99.9 % KS M 3705
Flash Point of Resin(℃ ) 120 KS M 2019
Flash Point of hardener(℃ ) 105
Viscosity (cps) Low 1000 ~ 1400 KS M 3825
High 2000 ~ 2500
Water Absorption(%) Max. 0.3 ASTM C 413
Bonding (N/mm2), @23℃ Min. 10 ASTM D 4541
Service Temperature(℃) at Flue gas Temp.
(Behind GI-180 Block system)
-40 ~ +180 -
Work Life At 22℃, 2 hrs, At 32℃, 1.5 hrs
Cure time to Tack-Free Hard finish At 22℃, 8 hrs, At 32℃, 6.5 hrs

Usage of product

  • Enhances adhesion between concrete, block, steel surface and lining system
  • For strengthening the surface strength of concrete
  • For strengthening the water-proof of the concrete surface

Feature of Product

Since Glnsulation-181 Epoxy Primer has excellent adhesion to Gunite and concrete having the property of strengthening the adhesion of Ad/M, it adheres the surfaces of Gunite and concrete.

  • It composed of two components(resin, hardener) which makes mixing easier at the construction site.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, blocks, tiles, steel surface
  • Resistant to thin organic/inorganic acid, alkali, alkali salts, salts, oil, grease, fat, solvent

    [GInsulation-181 Epoxy Primer]