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번호 Work Period Project Name Height, Consumption
Client Contacts End User
23 2017 Masiloc Power Plant expansion Project(2x300MW) 150m, 2,200 SQM POSCO E&C with JOONGSAN MPPCL
22 2017 2x500 MW NEYVELI NEW THERMAL POWER STATION(NNTPS) Project 275m, 13,800 SQM/51mm BIL NLC
21 2017 Philippines-SBPL Project, and 1 other 2,294 SQM/38mm BEC SBPL
20 2017 2x360 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant(Punta Catalina, Republic of Dominica) 160m, 5,556 SQM CDI Punta Catalina Thermoelectric Power Plant
19 2015 ZETES 3 Power Plant Stack Lining Project, Turkey 150m, 11,320m²/AdMembrane Zhenshen Eren Energy
18 2014-2015 Yanbu-3 Power Plant Chimney for SWCC, SAUDI ARABIA(RCC) 200m,16,960m²/38mm RCC,Samsung Eng SWCC
17 2014.10-2014.12 Termotasajero 2 161.6MW Coal Fired Power Plant Project 90m,1,195m²/38mm Hyundai Eng. TERMOTASAJERO S.A.E.S.P
16 2013.5 Inner Mongolia HMHJ Aluminium Electricity Co.,Ltd.(with Zhenshen, CHINA) 150m, 11,900m²/AdMembrane Zhenshen -
15 2013.6 Metz, Australia 80m, 500m²/38mm Metz -
14 2013.4 Sinopec Yichang branch (with Zhenshen, CHINA) 120m, 4,160m²/AdMembrane Zhenshen -
13 2012.11 Shanghai Petrochemical Thermal Power Unit (with Zhenshen, CHINA) 120m, 7,500m²/AdMembrane Zhenshen -
12 2011.9 Supplied stack lining materials to Daegu Power Plant 80m,700m²/38mm - Daegu Power Plant
11 2010-2011 Vungang Power Plant stack lining Power Plant Stack, VIETNAM (C.R.l.) 180m, 6,600m²/40mm CRI PVN
10 2009.9 Cebu Coal Power Plant, Philippines(103MW×2)  120m, 2,200m²/51mm Doosan Philippines Cebu Power Plant
9 2009.8-2010 Marafiq Plant stack lining Power Plant Stack,SAUDI ARABIA(C.R.l.) 150m, 3,650m²/38mm CRI SWCC
8 2007.9 Supplied stack lining materials to Cheonan (Corning special glass co., ltd.) 65m,500m² /38mm Joongsan Construction Co.,Ltd. Corning special glass co., ltd.
7 2006.7-2007.1 FGD Jeddah Plant Stage-4 stack lining for SWCC Power Plant Stack, Jeddah, SAUDI  ARABIA (Saudi Archi 165m,6200m²/51mm Saudi Archirodon Ltd. SWCC
6 2006.12 Pego Plant stack, PORTUGAL ( C.R.l.) 80m,490m²/38mm CRI -
5 2006.8-2006.9 Supplied stack lining materials to Banwol Energy  District Heating Corporation 100m,2,950m²/38mm NoKwang Construction Co.,Ltd STX Energy
4 2006.7-2006.8 Supplied stack lining materials to Osan Energy  District Heating Corporation 80m,1,220m²/38mm KangRae Construction Co.,Ltd Osan Energy
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